Our Mission

JM Croissance is a Canadian based financial services company which support investors, entrepreneurs and businesses at any stage of their life cycle.

We have the expertise required to provide a sound, accurate and reliable opinion about VALUE in the following context:

  • Business valuation
  • Litigations
  • Damages quantification
  • Insurance claims
  • Marital disputes

We have an international scope of operations

Whether you are investing, divesting or facing insurance or commercial litigation in Quebec or anywhere in Canada or Africa, we will provide the same standard of service.

We also provide expert testimony in court, if required, directly or through a local partner to ensure that you are always fully covered.

Our Core Values

Value Accuracy

We will use the specific characteristics of your company to assess the most accurate value in any circumstances.


We require and maintain an open and clear communication level on every aspect of our collaboration. Our fees and approaches are transparent and understandable.

Cross-Functional Expertise

Our experience as senior executives in various industries around the world have provided cross-functional skills and working knowledge in all areas of the business that we rely upon to provide third party solutions that fit unique specificities.


We handle every case with superior professional ethics and standards.

We don’t sell one-size-fits- all solutions to our clients. Instead, we use our expertise to work with you in order to identify the solutions that fit your business the most.

We will provide valuable ideas and deploy adaptable tools and dashboard that will support you at any phase of the mandate in any context (litigation or transactional).