How to maximize the expected synergies from a list of customers?

The most prevalent mechanisms of ownership transfer in a M&A transaction are either through the acquisition of shares or assets. In both scenarios, whether the list of customers carries a relative importance will depend on the industry where the subject company is operating In the service industries where the revenue stream is recurrent and committed through medium to long term agreements…

Leaping from Financial management to Business Valuation

After more than 20 years of a happy and fulfilling career in the corporate world I am now contemplating a career transition to the field of Business Valuation. I am bringing with me a bunch of transferable skills and I am also developing my technical business valuation skill as a student in the CBV program.

Why Polyvalence is a critical skill requirement for Finance Business Partners?

The finance profession is going through an intensive mutation as a result of the markets dynamics that western corporations are facing. From the de-localization of the transactional finance functions (Bookkeeping, billing, AP , AR etc..) to various shared services across the globe to the aggressive competition into various mature or growing industries and the pressure…

Why « Short-term » strategic decisions cannot be just « Short » to Finance Business Partners?

It is a fact that business realities are dynamic and companies have to adjust or adapt frequently their tactical and operational strategies in order to adapt , cope or mitigate changing winds of the business sea.

It is very common that at certain stages of the cycle, the business might be obliged to make an adhoc decision either to cope with raw materials shortages or to improve the sale performance of some key trades intermediaries.